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Updated: Feb 19

For week 5, I was not in person due to being sick this week. I did attend meetings through zoom however, and followed along through there. I reached out to a few classmates to make sure I was on the right page. That and I missed a few discussions in class this week amongst our tables. It was “algorithm week” and we learned about python. Honestly, this is a tough week to be out because I am worried about getting the hang of coding and things like this. This was my biggest fear of the class and missing that in person time is crucial. On the podcast, Biased Algorithms Biased World, we learned about predictive algorithms and O'Neil talked about biases and opinions about it all.

For my big project at the end of the semester, I'm unsure on what to do yet. I'm hoping to brainstorm some things over the weekend. It took me 3 weeks to figure out my peer teaching topic, and I'm hoping to update my weekly summary next week with some ideas.

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