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Updated: Mar 21

This week in digital studies, we talked about AI (which stands for Artificial Intelligence).

We also did a self evaluation for the course thus far, and we talked about skills we have learned like digital praxis, digital fluency, and digital citizenship. I’m feeling ok about the class. To be honest, there are some struggles with things because all of this is very new. I know that’s the case in most courses you’re in, but this one is way more hands on. You don’t have to necessarily memorize vocabulary or remember certain chapters like other courses. For me there isn’t anything to study, I just have to learn it. That’s why I think this is a big adjustment for me. I feel like most people in the class don’t ask many questions which makes me not want to ask any either. I know that’s not very smart, but I almost feel like the odd one out in a way? It’s complicated, but I’m trying to keep up. I believe I’ve done a good job so far.

Our table assignment this week was to choose a character example and break it down. We chose WALL-E and I think some of the questions had us thinking a lot because we didn’t know some of the answers and had to pull context clues from the movie. It was really interesting.

On Friday I was absent because I was out of state for a family trip. There were a couple more group assignments looking at different games, like the Trolley Game. Which seemed very interesting, I'm not sure if I'm going to like it but we will see more next week.

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