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I. Cover Page and Table of Contents COLORS AND EMOTIONS

II. Project Narrative

This project will take a look at colors and emotions with help from Sarah as she uses a digital camera to capture these emotions. Sarah will use different tools like photoshop, photoshop paint, and Lightroom CC to elevate the photos, colors, and overall message for this story. Sarah has not used a couple of these tools ever before. III. Rationale The reason Sarah is doing this project is because she loves photography. When looking at what to do and talking to Mr. Whalen, he suggested using photography in some way and implementing something new like certain photoshop tools, or paint, or even things in Lightroom that haven't been used before. When he mentioned telling a story, Sarah had no idea what to do. After thinking more, she thought telling a story through colors would be unique. Every color is associated with some emotion, and she will tell that story by using her photography skills, and purchasing and using certain tools online.

IV. Personnel Sarah Leonard, and she has taken photos for years. However, no previous background with some of these online applications.

V. Review Prior Work In the past, Sarah has done multiple photoshoots that tell a story.

For her digital storytelling class, there was a project solely focused on telling the stories of people in the LGBTQ community and giving them a platform to talk on. Sarah used her photography to help tell that story.

Although Sarah hasn't used photoshop or tools like paint, she thinks she can figure it out quite quickly and will be able to use her knowledge from other editing apps to help her. There are gel and highlight tools on photoshop that will help elevate the photos.

VI. Audience and Dissemination Plan Sarah would love to post this on more than a website. The plan for reaching people would be through social media. Sarah has a bigger following there where she can post the different colors and emotions, and people can comment their thoughts and how the story is speaking to them. Most people nowadays prefer this method over looking at Sarah will do just that. Possibly screenshotting their responses and seeing if they could guess the emotions would be cool. Instagram or Tik Tok would be cool for this.

VII. Accessibility Considerations

With platforms like Instagram and TikTok, there are so many ways to reach people who don't even follow you. You can repost things, share them to other followers, or even reach random people on FYP pages or explore pages. This would definitely work better than a website. VIII. Sustainability Plan Because Sarah is always posting things on her social media pages, she can continue to work with creative work like this and use tools to help herself and elevate her business. She will try to add some more creative work over client work to keep creating.

IX. Potential Harms No. No potential harms

X. Resources Resources needed:



Color Gels

A computer to edit

Lightroom CC


Photoshop Paint or Paint

YouTube tutorials on how these tools work

In total, Sarah will spend 1 hour finding models online 1-2 hours planning

1 hour getting supplies

1 hour driving around downtown to find a perfect location for each emotion

4-5 hours shooting each emotion (could take multiple days depending on the models schedule)

2 hours looking at YouTube tutorials

In terms of editing, there is no exact time of what to expect on this. Editing can take up to days trying to perfect each photo.

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