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On Monday, we started off class by taking a quiz on “The Soft Truth” which we had to read before class. After we took the quiz, we discussed the story and what it meant, what everyone thought it meant, and compared it to things in real life. We talked about how different people in this world have been cancelled for certain things they said on the media. Like saying the n word, or making controversial comments about trans people. We talked about numerous celebrities and YouTubers. I thought the story symboled her finding peace within herself. At the end of the story, I think she’ll go through the process many times again to re-find that peace.

On Wednesday, we took another quiz at the beginning of class. This time about “The Making of a YouTube radical.” Which started the conversation about YouTube, what has changed over the years, what’s new, and different trends. We even talked about algorithms a bit on social media platforms.

On Friday, we went into small groups at our table. We even had an extra team member (she was a lacrosse recruit) to help us out as well and to see what campus life is like on a typical school day. We originally were looking at the gender roles in some films, however, we didn’t realize the last class did that one at our table. So we switched over to this website called “The Pudding.” It showed you the different popular songs all around the world during different months and years. Using data from Youtube (and other sites), the creators use MapBox to visually represent which song is the most popular in a state or country or city. “Some songs are national exports, crossing cultural and linguistic boundaries. Others conform to their native country’s borders.” We said the intended audience would most likely be for teens as the music on the website is Pop. There are also a few Rap and Hip Hop songs as well that are trending on this website.

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