• Sarah Grace


This week we did a lot of activities and discussions during class, and also did a few homework assignments as well. We even ended off the week with a Kahoot game. I personally loved that because it brought be back to my childhood.

For homework on Monday, we had to play the trolley game. I honestly wasn’t really the biggest fan of this game, nobody at my table was either. We didn’t really like how we had to choose someone to die either way, especially because we would never be in a situation like this in real life. I think my table mates and I were making fun of the game, rather than really focusing on the data. However, getting the data at the end was interesting because we realize we did favor more people rather than others. During the game we didn’t realize that when choosing certain characters over others. For example, we preferred younger people over older people.

We also did some homework on Black software and we talked about race and gender. I really appreciated that conversation, because I feel like this is a conversation not talked about in many classes at all. It was interesting to see everyone’s comments, and reply back to people on there. We also reviewed this in class as well. We also had to talk about different things in the world today, whether it’s in our pop culture, in our personal life, or in the government. We talked about how there was a new law in Texas with transgenders and parents. It is now known as child abuse if parents help their transgender kids transform into the other gender if they are under 18. Our whole table talked about how crazy we thought that was, and talked to more in depth about different ways our world is an equal to people in the LGBTQ community.

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