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Updated: Jan 24

Already at week two of this class and it was a pretty interesting week! I’m a creature of habit (and we have assigned seats as well) but I was moving in different spots throughout the classroom this week. I think there were some new faces in class and I kept getting my seat taken everyday. It’s fine, but I felt out of place.

The main focus during this week was the metaverse, as we started off with readings like “Snow Crash,” which was my favorite one of the week. I never thought something like Snow Crash would be something I would enjoy reading - but it wasn’t bad. If you look up “Snow Crash” on Twitter, there’s actually so many tweets about it and discussions on the book and the metaverse which I thought was interesting. In one of our class meetings, we went into depth at our tables with some questions the professor proposed to us. I unfortunately didn’t have much of a discussion because the person at my table only read the first paragraph. However, I did give him a brief summary and we talked more about things in general rather than specifics. I can only imagine how scary it looks to Hiro, because I personally think it would be pretty overwhelming.

In that same class period, we talked about LAMBDAmoo and looked at the professor show us a few examples. I have never even heard of this platform before so it was quite interesting to look at. Someone from our class has tried it out before and talked about their experience with it. To be honest, I’ve never been good with computers or anything tech savvy so this should be interesting. You’d think I would’ve chosen a different major, but I guess the possibilities excite me.

Also at some point this week I watched The Social Dilemma, which I had already watched for a prior class. It was a good refresher for my brain. Did you know the movie was based off of real life interviews? Sure, they fictionalize many parts of the story and the effects on social media, but still interesting to note.

Something unexpected from this class is that we all will have to teach each other at some point. Four different times! I actually did this in my COMM 370 class where we taught 20 minutes of the class period through a PowerPoint, videos, or discussion. I’m a little familiar with it, but I am unsure of what topic I’ll be going with yet. It’s always good to get ahead of the game and think far in advance. I never want to get too behind.

Today, I made a meme with my table buddy. I can’t necessarily take credit because he made it on his phone, but we shared ideas and quotes for it. The meme was from the newer show called “Wanda Vision” and it turned out to be pretty funny. I like when we get into groups and we’re able to make things like memes, it makes the class fun! I believe his name is Mike, he said he was going to add it to the discord channel.

I’m excited to hear about what we learn about next week - I’ve already learned so much about people I didn’t expect to learn about. Like Mark Zuckerberg! I’ll see you again next week with another weekly summary.

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