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ANNNDDDD we are off! This week more than ever I feel like we dug deep into the content. I was a little worried about coding - as I’ve mentioned before. But I actually found this week to be easier than expected.

We first started off the week by talking about geocities and HyperCard stacks. I joined the zoom class on Monday because I was I was feeling a little sick. I went to the doctor and turns out I just had a sinus infection.

I listened to the podcast about geocities and it was really interesting. It talked about websites, but it also talked about something that struck me. One of the guys talked about being gay and how it affected him. Joining a group with other people like him (a gay community). There are so many groups online and on social media that help others feel welcome no matter who they are. Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, and even discord! My dad is in a discord group with some people he met online and I had no idea until I told him I’m using discord for the course.

I found some of my favorite websites when I was a kid. Disney and Nickelodeon which were my all time favorites. It brought back all the memories from the games I used to play. I also found a website that had a People magazine ad. Crazy to see the different logos and how things have changed. Even the quality of photos! I also asked my classmates at my table what they found and we exchanged laptops before class started (I typically get there 10 minutes early).

We had to make a subdomain and I originally made it “blog” but learned I should call it something else. Instead I put “my journal” where I will write weekly updates about my life and academic world. I’ve never had a subdomain so this should be a fun and new learning experience.

For Wednesday, I worked together at table 6 and we talked about StorySpace and used sites like Wikipedia to learn more about it. We used CANVA to make the poster thing posted on discord - I’ll put it below.

And during Fridays class we started to learn code and I followed along very closely because I didn’t want to mess up. And I didn’t mess up! At least I don’t think so…..I’ll also put some screenshots of it below.

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