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Weekly Summary 8/23-8/27

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

This week we did a multitude of different things to get ready for the class. This is my first digital studies course so a lot of it’s new to me, but since I am a photographer and have my own website, it’s a little bit familiar at the same time. First, I made my own domain. It wasn’t hard because I already owned a domain for my other website, so I just made a second one that connected to the first. I actually already had a Google and YouTube account, so that was easy! But I didn’t have Twitter, SoundCloud, or Discord so I got those. After I made my website, the next step was getting it registered on the main website for DS106. After it said it was invalid a few times, it finally worked!

Fun fact: I've never watched any of Bob Ross' shows or painting videos. I found it so cool and interesting. That was a really cool assignment.

Even though it is only been the first week, I feel pretty accomplished with using all of these different social media websites and platforms. I’ve used some of them before this class, but others I haven’t even heard of until now. I’m very excited to get comfortable with all of the social media sites for the rest of the semester, and interact with the other students. This seems like a fun class to learn!

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