• Sarah Grace

Weekly Summary 8/30-9/3

This week was even more exciting than last week. We did three assignments from the assignment bank, and I enjoyed all three of them in their own ways. I first started off with a Visual assignment, which required some editing. You know me, I love to edit anything! It was called big eyes, rated three stars. You had to make your eyes bigger with an app, and I even gave her tutorial on how to do it! Then, I made my own GIFs during another assignment - rated four stars. Not just GIFs with other images, I used my images that I took myself. That had to be my favorite assignment of the week because it benefits not only my school life, but my personal life as well with my business. I’m so excited I know how to do it now! After that assignment, I finished off the assignment bank with a how to video, rated four stars. For my video, I decided to show everyone how to make drip coffee. I know it’s very specific, but it’s my favorite way to make coffee, and it is also very cheap. I know everyone loves to get coffee out and about because it’s most convenient, but you can save a lot of money by making it at home. I love my coffee so I had to do this for my how to!

This week we had daily creates on Twitter. I was a little rocky at the beginning of the week, but from Tuesday on I did every single daily create that was posted. I really liked doing the daily create every single day because I held myself accountable to at least go on Twitter once a day for this class. I don’t have a Twitter outside of the class, so this is all very new to me still. But having a daily creates made me go on the app at least once. Along with that, I tried to interact and comment on most of the posts I saw. I also commented on a few blogs, I tried to screenshot some incase you weren't able to see.

After this week, I can definitely say this is my favorite course that’s far. It is so interactive and unique, it makes my college experience more fun! I can’t wait for next week.

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